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Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker

Sleeping With A Wall Street Banker – Psychological thriller

Lawyer Alice Francis leaves her life in London for a new start with Wall Street banker Jake Logan in New York. She learns quickly that Jake is a man consumed by his need to control. He loves but on his own terms. When Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Jessica, finds out about Jake’s relationship with Alice, Alice’s life takes a dark turn. For all the trappings of success from a Wall Street career, Jake is a man tormented by the irrational guilt he carries from his past relationship with Jessica. Jessica is unmarried and childless with a biological clock that has all but stopped ticking, and Jake is her back-up plan. Her ultimate goal is to fix Jake’s life by blackmailing him in an effort to force him into a horrible relationship that was never meant to be. When Alice enters the picture, Jessica’s plans are turned upside down. Mentally unbalanced, Jessica resorts to extreme measures. If she can’t have Jake, no one will.